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When you are looking for a single source financial solution provider, you do need to keep certain factors in mind. The first is of course the versatility of the financial service provider. The service provides should provide support in all fields and that includes accounting, book-keeping, and management and filing of VAT and Self Assessment Tax Return. The other factors include the quality of services provided to you by the Accounting service, the reputation of the service provider and definitely the cost of the services provided to you. Hence, we at All Accounts, help you to manage all these financial extremities under one roof, with quality service and at an affordable cost.

A brief history of our services

Depending on your needs, we help you in the book-keeping, controlling, business advising or accounting in part or full time basis. All of our accounting services are provided to you at an affordable cost and at the same time, we do assure you that with us, you are sure to get the best service, as for us, client satisfaction is one of the prime duties.

Why should you choose All Accounts?

With the proper educational qualifications, we at All Accounts, help you to deal with your Accounting problems in an easier way. We at All Accounts can help you to prepare and interpret the financial statement, the profit and loss account, and the balance sheet maintenance. We also provide you with facilities such as treatment of adjustments and provisions, and Margin and Mark-up. There are three performances and indicators to measure IE. The liquidity, profitability, financial structure, taxation for the self employed and limited companies' preparation of accounts for the purposes of tax. We can also help you adjust profit for your non allowable expenses, capital expenses, balancing allowances together with balancing charges. The tax liability, comprising class 4 NI and class 2 is also covered by us and should you ever need any help regarding taxation pricing of the product or service, direct and indirect costs, fixed and variable cost recovery, please feel free to seek out our help. At All Accounts we also provide you with cost, volume and profit analysis break even, target costing work capital control and forward planning to help you manage your accounting problems.
Hence, with All Accounts, you can be sure that not only your Accounting problems, but also your other problems associated with finance and taxing will be solved in an easy way. Thus, it is finally up to you to choose professionals who might help you with all your accounting and financial issues.


Our additional services include all aspects of financial management of a small business.


bulletAccounting Records

  • The Accounting Equation

  • Business Documents and their purpose in both buying and selling

  • Accounting for cash and bank the analysed cash book including basic recording of input and output tax (VAT)

  • Bank Reconciliation Statement

  • Accounting for petty cash

bulletValue Added Tax (VAT)

  • Registration requirement

  • Inputs and Outputs, standard rated, exempt and zero rated supplies

  • Identify and calculate relevant inputs and outputs including the treatment of cash discount and bad debt relief

  • Accruals accounting and cash accounting basis

  • Accounting treatment for VAT

  • Completion of the VAT return


  • Methods of remuneration and calculation of Gross Pay

  • Statutory and Voluntary deductions

  • The principles of the system of PAYE

  • The preparation of the payroll

  • Starters and Leavers

  • HMRC forms and returns monthly and annual

  • The principles of SSP and SMP

bulletThe Preparation and Interpretation of Financial Statements

  • The profit and loss account

  • The Balance Sheet

  • The above will include the treatment of provisions and adjustments

  • Mark-up and Margin

  • Performance Indicators to measure:

    • Profitability

    • Liquidity

    • Financial Structure (simple gearing calculation)

bulletTaxation and the Self Employed

  • Preparation of accounts for tax purposes

  • Adjusting profit for non-allowable expenses

  • Capital Allowances, balancing allowances and balancing charges

  • Personal and other allowances

  • The tax liability including class 2 and class 4 NI

  • The small Ltd Company and taxation

bulletPricing the Product or Service

  • Direct and Indirect Costs

  • Cost behaviour Fixed and Variable Costs

  • Recovery of Overhead.

  • CVP (cost, volume, profit analysis including break-even)

  • Target Costing

bulletWorking Capital Control and Forward Planning

  • The working capital cycle and its effect on cash flow

  • The principles of credit control (control of debtors)

  • The preparation of functional budgets and the cash flow forecast

  • The preparation of the forecasted profit and loss account and balance sheet

  • Methods of funding short term deficits and short term surplus cash management

  • Analysis of forecast to actual expenditure through variances and their timely reporting


If you need any of above please contact us

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