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Let All Accounts Handle Your Business Taxing Needs!

It is certainly no secret that many taxpayers actually tremble with fear at the thought of filing taxes, and for those who do understand the whole taxing procedure, they feel that filing taxes is a really tiresome and daunting task. For many others, the process of filing tax reports is simply a confusing process.

You can trust All Accounts when it comes to providing quality tax filing services, and sound taxing advice.

Filing Value Added Tax (VAT) Returns is Easy with All Accounts!

VAT is not only known to change with each financial year, it is also known to be highly complicated and confusing process. Yes, filing VAT Returns can be quite challenging and also time consuming. At All Accounts we can easily complete and file your VAT Returns.

Preparing and filing your monthly or quarterly VAT Returns correctly may take up a huge amount of your time; time, which could be channeled towards your business or spent with your family. Allow us to handle everything…and you will be glad that you did. You can also count on All Account for your VAT Compliance needs as well.

We know that handling VAT compliance must be done correctly because HMRC has strict rules in relation to VAT. In a nutshell, you stand to face stiff penalties if your VAT Returns have errors.

What Is VAT?

VAT is a tax that is charged on many business transactions in the United Kingdom. Businesses include VAT to the price they charge for the goods and/or services that they provide to businesses/customers. If your business is VAT-registered, you can charge VAT on the products and/or services you provide and reclaim the VAT you pay on the goods and services you purchase for your business. You will need to register for VAT if the turnover of your business for the previous 12 months has gone over a specific limit – known as the 'VAT threshold' (which is currently £83,000) or you strongly believe that your turnover will soon go over this limit. You can also decide to register for VAT, even if you are not required to. (More info: HMRC)

Corporation Taxes Done the Right Way!

All Accounts can easily assist you with all your business taxing needs! Our team of highly skilled tax professionals will be there to provide you with quality services in relation to VAT Compliance and VAT Returns. If we do your business’ bookkeeping, we will include your VAT Return in the package we offer. However, there are other options we provide if you prefer to keep your own books.

You can also count on us for Filing CIS Taxes!

If you are in the construction industry, then you may need to file CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) Tax. CIS sets the regulations for how payments to subcontractors for construction jobs must be managed by contractors in the construction field. CIS applies majorly to mainstream contractors and subcontractors in the construction industry. However, companies whose core competence is not construction, but have a high yearly spend on construction may pass as contractors and also fall under CIS. We will answer any questions you may have concerning CIS taxes and help you with filing your CIS taxes.

Whatever your form of business, whether it’s a sole proprietorship, Limited Company, or Partnership, you can count on All Accounts to help you with the preparation and filing of your:

  • VAT Returns and VAT Compliance
  • Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)
  • Corporation Tax (CT)
  • Taxes with HMRC


We can help you with your VAT submission, this can be:

  1. Apply for your VAT registration.
  2. Providing the bookkeeping for your VAT return
  3. Completing and filing the VAT return for you


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